One Month of Pos Vibes

It's been a month of!

About a month ago we started in on this adventure of putting together a small social network. I hope everyone has been getting something valuable out of the experience and Id like to encourage you all to let me know any ideas or requests you might have for our small internet community, or refer anyone you know who you think might like to join in. I'd be happy to send them an invite!

If you've somehow found your way here with no idea what I'm talking about, I'm referring to a small Mastodon server at It was inspired by the page and intended as a place for friends and friends of friends to share at their own pace and interact free of recommendation algorithms, promoted posts, influencers, and other exhausting things endemic to larger social media platforms.

This is also the inaugural post for our community blog, hosted through is a minimal, no-ads, truly user-focused blogging platform and I'm excited to use it alongside our little network. I hope to post here fairly regularly, but also welcome anyone in the community to contribute. Don't be afraid to reach out!

Thanks for being here, I hope you have a good time!